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At Voices By Fawn, I take pride in offering a unique voice that will make your projects stand out. Located in Sarasota, Florida, I bring over three years of experience voicing characters for animated projects and films, ensuring your creative endeavors are in expert hands.

My dedication to the art of voiceover and animation stems from a lifelong passion to perform & bring characters to life. This passion has driven me to provide voice services exceed your expectations. With Voices By Fawn, you're not just getting a voice; you're getting a partner committed to enhancing your business promotion, storytelling, and sales.

My key services, including voice acting, voiceover, and narration, are designed to make your projects unforgettable. I specialize in capturing the mood of your scripts, delivering believable performances, and providing emotive and professional narration for an enjoyable listening experience.

When you choose Voices By Fawn, you're choosing a partner with a strong work ethic and a deep desire to meet your needs. I'm here to help you create something remarkable, where your vision meets my voice.

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